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Aug 30, 2009 1:00pm EDT
, the terrific catch. and matt laporta in the 8th inning. great defensive plays by the orioles and number one occurred last night and missed five games with back spasms. adam jones above the center field guam and -- wall and for a home run and great defense by the orioles, a great job of finding the plays by jim hunter jr. who is doing a great job put that package together. the top 5 plays for the orioles this week. time for a look at the starting pipers and begin with brian madis and the orioles, rick. >> brian has to getnast oat north balls, the right-hand hitters who have had success against him. hitting at a .324 pace against brian so far. left-handers are having trouble. they're hit ago .176. you have to get better against the right-handers. he hasn't felt himself yet. we talked yesterday about the way he has felt since he's been up here after going 7-0 at double-a ball and said we haven't seen the real brian maddis. guaranteed today it was going to be different. hope it's in the positive column. >> justin was acquired from boston and victor martinez. >> again, you have to tal
Aug 30, 2009 2:00pm EDT
laporta did. you can see matt laporta has the ball right at the bag. wigginton turns and sees a play, goes for the catcher, trying to knock the ball out of his glove, toregas gives with the throw, has the ball out of his glove. if wigginton slides to the outside of the base, he might have been safe, but he saw where the throw was coming and just went after the catcher and couldn't draw it loose from toregas. >> jim: he looked like a full back, trying to make it down for the running back. takes inside, ball 2. leek here is the replay. peeks over his shoulder, knows there is going to be a play and trying to jar the ball loose. you saw he was trying to make the plate. goes back to touch it just in case, but toregas held into the ball. >> buck: good throw by matt laporta. he has been impressive here, playing left field. so, 2-0 on pie, with rock down on the first. outside, ball 3. >> jim: pie homered his last at bat. look at these numbers. he has done a nice job. not really pulled the home runs. home run it is opposite field. outside, ball 4, here is the 4- pitch walk t fourth walk issue
Aug 30, 2009 3:00pm EDT
, single to left field, wigginton was gunned down the plate by matt laporta. high fly ball! right center field. tagging is wheater, sizemore getting under. make it is catch. collides with two and they go to 2nd base. so, run back, lead it 5-1.   >> buck: you see the two outfitters get their signals crosses. it is a stuff day for outfielders battling the son. communication not too great. sizemore steps out to have way, didn't have a shot at all for tagging and scoring 3rd base. >> jim: there is eric wedge. 2nd out of the inning, but the orioles still have izturis on at 1st. masterson leads, perez coming on and the lead at 6th. from over 15 chili's favorites, like our big mouth bites -- the mini burgers with giant layers of flavor. or a half-rack of our triple-basted baby back ribs. then save some room to share a decadent dessert. a lot of bold flavors, for a limited time only. chili's --  >> buck: last night's game, gave up just a hit. single to markakis. he is on here, trying to keep it a 4-run game. >> jim: orioles bouncing back after orioles got to cleveland at the top o
Aug 30, 2009 4:00pm EDT
the out. one down. >> buck: good sinking fastball. jammed matt laporta. good job retreating and backing up for the infield. >> jim: big out. first up. that was almost not fair. terrific pitch that almost fell for a base hit. bases every nighty. ball one inside. 6, 7, 8 and 9 are hitless today. 0-13 combined. and they have been such an important offensive part of the attack throughout this series. matt malt 7 outstand -- brian matusz 7 outstanding innings, now johnson here in the #th. 2-2. wednesday he got him.   update on the player of the day. felix pie getting the fan club going. he has the lead. still have time to text in your vote. we will have the results on the post game. >> you start hitting home runs and fans notice you. it is impressive. >> buck: he has really swung the bat well and taken full advantage of his increased opportunities of late. >> jim: 1-1 as johnson try to close it out to earn his 7th save. 2-outs, nonnone on in the 9th inning. and does he check in time? and valbuena has struck out twice and slide out. and into first. top hop for aubrey. picke
Aug 28, 2009 8:00pm EDT
during hi- bat, matt laporta after the game said that is the best fastball he has seen. >> gary: cabrera knocks it down but will not have a play. again, hitting against the %%- the ball forcing back towards shortstop. >> can see where he is lined up and he didn't track that ball very well. he is late moving. he actually went to his left with his body and idn't go his right. so he was expecting markakis so hit the pull said f the diamond and he didn't really react to the flight of the ball very well. >> gary: it is interesting to see that. that's that cheating we talk about. he was playing the delay -- the way they had lined him up and he moved towards second base before the ball was even thrown. so he was off balance trying to get back the other way. it will be a single. so nick markakis is on with a base hit. melvin mora. melvin has a three-game hit streak. melvin had a 3-4 in the ballgame last night. the orioles down early by a score of 2-0. he is trying to get him back and that sweeping pitch is down low for a ball. 2-0. the o ease watts have continued the pound them ou
Aug 20, 2009 8:00pm EDT
. later in the inning matt laporta, two-run double for laporta, and the indians go on to win big time 11-3, so john lackey winning number 100 is going to have to wait another start as he takes the loss in this one. the angels, just their ninth loss in 33 games since the all-star break, their five-game win streak is over. justin masterson getting his first win with the indians, the red sox one game over the rangers, big night for j.d. drew, in the third off brett cecil. home run. cecil's allowed seven home runs in two starts against boston this year. in the fourth drew gets cecil again. this time a two-run home run. now, 15 on the season, the red sox win 8-1, victor martinez also homered for the red sox, his fifth for boston, 20th of the season, red sox sweeped toronto since 2007. jon lester wins for the first time since july 25th. the rays three back in the wild card, taking on the baltimore orioles, bases loaded for brian roberts in the sixth. a grand slam for brian roberts. his 12th home run of the year. also his fourth career slam. in the seventh, nolan reimold, two-run home run, h
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6